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ACAP In The News

ACAP is an information source on Medicaid Managed Care. Staff are frequently contacted by the media to respond to stories and news regarding the Medicaid Managed Care industry; selected news clips follow.


Numbers drop in Virginia Medicare/Medicaid pilot program. Newport News Daily Press, May 15.

Dual Eligible pay. Managed Healthcare Executive, May 1

Physician Groups Turn To CMS In Bid To Continue Medicaid Pay Bump
Inside Health Policy, April 29

points keeping execs of safety net health plans up at night
ManagedHealthcare Executive, April 9

Bipartisan Bill to Finally Repeal SGR Would Extend SNPs, CHIP for Only Two Years
Medicare Advantage News, March 26

Report: Overlap Issuers Could Narrow Coverage Gaps, Mitigate Churn CCF Blog, March 23

Medicaid plan overlap allows for continuous coverage for low-income consumers Managed Healthcare Executive, February 11

HealthCareLeaders Call for Sustainable Pricing as Senate Health Committee ShinesSpotlight on Six-Figure Specialty Drugs KLTV, February 4

Manatt on Medicaid: 10 Trends to Watch in 2015 JD Supra, February 3

“2015 Outlook: Cost Savings FromDuals Demos Are Likely to Be Slow in Coming.” Medicare Advantage News, January 8.


"Managed care plans need protection from 'carve-outs' to ensure services across the continuum, group tells senators." McKnights, November 26.

ACA Stakeholders Voice Hopes, Fears Going Forward. Managed Healthcare Executive (cover), November 11.

Quality group disappointed by plans’ behavioral health performance. Behavioral Healthcare, October 22.

New Medicaid Enrollees Unsure How To Use Coverage, Study Finds. California Healthline, September 22.

House Seeks Best Practices for Managed Care Plans. Politico, September 14.

CMS Delays Terminations of MA Plans, PDPs With Low Star Ratings for One Year.” Medicare Advantage News, September 11.

Brokers Report That Health Net, SCAN Will Drop Some Ariz. C-SNPs.” Medicare Advantage News, September 11.
Washington Wakes Up to Socioeconomic Status.” Health Affairs blog, July 11.
Newsmaker: Sister Rosemary Donley.”Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 1.

"High-Priced Drug Could Be Deal Changer." California Healthline, May 19.

"Nonprofit Medicaid Plans Ask CMS To Hike Pay Rates For Sovaldi." Inside Health Policy (subscription), May 5

"CMS Sticks With Prohibition On Using Basic Health Trust Funds To Administer Program." Inside Health Policy (subscription), March 7. 

"CMS Issues Basic Health Program Rule.Inside Health Reform (subscription), April 7.

"CMS: Medicaid MCOs Can Market QHPs To Previous Beneficiaries." Inside Health Policy (subscription), March 4.

"FMAP Guidance on 12-Month Continuous Eligibility for Adults." Say Ahhh!, February 26.

“Overlap Between Medicaid MCO’s, Marketplace Plans Could Smooth a Rough Edge of Health Reform.” Say Ahhh (blog), February 14.

Churning remains a long-term issue.” Managed Healthcare Executive, February 1.

SNPs Win Significant Changes From CMS In Final ‘Models of Care’ Requirements.” Medicare Advantage News (subscription), January 30.

‘Models of Care’ Final-Rule Revisions Furnish Model of Responsiveness.” Medicare Advantage News (subscription), January 17.

CMS responding to plan queries.” Managed Healthcare Executive, January 14.

2014 Outlook: Many Duals Programs Finally Will Launch; SNP Joint Ventures Gain.”
Medicare Advantage News (subscription), January 9.

Nonprofit Health Centers Go Into For-Profit Insurance Business.” USA Today, January 7.

Millions Of Lower-Income People Expected To Shift Between Exchanges And Medicaid.” Washington Post, January 6.


Few Texans Have Found Health Coverage Through Obamacare.” Texas Tribune, November 13.

Medicaid enrollment glitch in federally operated state exchanges impairs “no wrong door” policy, initial enrollment for QHP issuers offering Medicaid plans.” Health Insurance Crisis, blog, November 12. 

Passport looks to address substance abuse by Medicaid recipients.” Louisville Business First, November 6.

CMS Details Delayed Basic Health Plans; Minn.’s Offers ‘Glide Path.’Health Reform Week (subscription), October 7.

N.Y., Minn. Duals Project Approvals Show Growing Role of D-SNPs, LTC in Programs.” Medicare Advantage News (subscription), September 26.

Law May Rescue Patients from Paperwork.” Palm Beach Post, September 18.

Oregon Medicaid study fails to provide answers.” Managed Healthcare Executive, June 1.

Medicaid’s Costly Revolving Door.” AARP blog, May 30.

“What we don't know about health reform.” Managed Healthcare Executive, May 10.

Study: Medicaid 'churn' bad for patients.” The Hill, May 10.

“House Duo Tackles Medicaid/CHIP Churn As MACPAC, Non-Profit Medicaid Plans Seek Solution.” Inside Health Policy, May 8.

“Lack Of Competition Might Hamper Health Exchanges.” Stateline, April 26.

“HHS Document Reveals Timeline For Implementing ACA's Basic Health Plan”. Inside Health Policy, April 16.

“MACPAC Proposes Options For 12 Months Of Medicaid Enrollment After 2014.” Inside Health Policy, March 15.

“The Medicaid Expansion: A One-Step Plan to Improve Coverage and Care.” Say Ahhh (blog), February 11.

AMA, ACAP call on Senate to confirm Tavenner as CMS head.” Government Health IT, February 8.

“CMS Expects ACA's Basic Health Program To Be In Place 2015 At Earliest.” 
Inside Health Policy, February 7.

“2013 Outlook: MA Consolidation May Accelerate As Providers Take Growing Role.”
Health Business Daily, January 21.

“2013 Outlook: Medicaid Managed Care Will Grow Strongly, but Pay Rates Are Issue.”
Medicare Advantage News, January 10.


“CMS’s ‘No’ to Partial Medicaid Expansion May Hurt Participation.”
Health Reform Week, December 17.

“Medicaid Stakeholders Lobby White House To Reject Provider Tax Cuts.”
Inside Health Policy, December 6.

“Insurers generally welcome '3-R' regs.”
Politico, December 3.

Medicaid Plans Worry Over Rule’s Tight Timeline for PCP Pay Hike.”
Health Reform Week, November 12.

“New Medicaid Eligibles Would Be Far Different From Current Ones.”
Health Reform Week, September 3.

States seek Medicaid flexibility, guarantee on federal support.”
Managed Healthcare Executive, September 1.

Trouble for Hospitals & Health Plans In States That Nix Medicaid Expansion.”
Managed Care, August 1.

Medicaid expansion will stand with revision.
Managed Healthcare Executive, June 28.

Supreme Court’s Ruling Ends Uncertainties For MA, but Not for Managed Medicaid Plans.”  
Medicare Advantage News, July 5.

“Supreme Court Ruling Resolves Uncertainty On Mandate, but Adds Some for Medicaid.”
Health Reform Week, July 2.

More primary care physicians turning away Medicaid patients.”
Managed Healthcare Executive, July 1.

“HHS Rule Would Boost Medicaid Physician Pay Ahead of 2014 Influx.”
Health Reform Week, June 4.

Continuing to Improve Risk Adjustment.”
Health Affairs, May 4.

Basic Health Plan draws lives to managed care.”
Managed Healthcare Executive, May 1.

How Continuous Eligibility Could Reduce Churn.”
Enroll America (blog), April 25.

Connecticut Revisits Old-School Medicaid Financing.”
Stateline, April 8.

Medicare spending growth slows.”
Managed Healthcare Executive, April 1.

How to Save Medicaid: Managed care plans play a more significant role..”
Managed Healthcare Executive, April 1.

For-Profit Medicaid Plans Fear Effect of Reform Law’s Excise Tax.”
Medicare Advantage News (sub. req.), March 29.

Final Medicaid Expansion Rule Leaves Concerns on Time Crunch.
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), March 26.

Connecticut Moves Away from Medicaid Managed Care.
Governing, February 28.

Rule Would Require Drug Makers To Pay Rebates on Medicaid Plans.”
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), February 13.

Medicaid Drug Pricing Rule Could Restore Rx Management to Plans.”
Medicare Advantage News (sub. req.), February 9.

Health Reform’s Best-Kept Secret.”
Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog. February 6.

Medicaid Drug Pricing Rule Could Restore Rx Management to Plans.”
Medicare Advantage News (sub. req.), February 9.

Coordinated Care Pushed.”
Long-Term Care News, February 1

Group recommends coordinating care for dual-eligibles, leaving more up to states.”
McKnight's, January 12.

Better Care for 'Dual Eligibles' Suggested.”
UPI, January 10.

Coordination on Duals Long Overdue.” 
Managed Healthcare Executive, January 3


CMS's $1 Billion Grant Program Spurs Worries on Time, Direction
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), November 21

Plans Prepare for Medicaid Expansion Despite Legislative, Legal Moves
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), November 7

Managed-care survey examines provider-beneficiary ratio” 
Modern Healthcare, October 25

Payers Seek Details to Decide if Primary Care Demo is 'Good Deal'” 
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), October 10

Community Plans Lead the Rankings” 
Consumer Reports, October 1

States’ Reliance on Medicaid Managed Care Soars, Study Finds
Medicare Advantage News (sub. req.), September 29

“Health Plans Hope Super Committee Will Embrace Moving Duals To Managed Care”  
Inside Health Policy, September 20

Squeezed States Embrace Even More Medicaid Managed Care
Kaiser Health News, September 13

NGA Urges States to Safeguard Children in Designing Exchanges
Health Reform Week (sub. req.), September 12

New approaches sought: MedPAC believes capitated coverage improves coordination for duals
Managed Healthcare Executive, August 1

States to Get Drug Rebates Even Under Managed Care” 
HealthLeaders Media, July 28

ACAP: Drug rebate equalization allows states to restore Rx benefits to managed care
Drug Store News, July 27

"Plans Should Eye Both Medicaid, Exchange Opportunities to Get Marketplace Continuity."
Health Reform Week (sub. req.). May 2.

"How Can California Exchange Minimize 'Churning'?"
California Healthline. March 21.

"States drive integrated models to improve care for dual eligibles."
Managed Healthcare Executive. March.

"Stressed States Open Doors to Medicaid Managed Care."
Managed Care Magazine
. March.

"Medicaid costs stir scramble in states."
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
. March 6.

"Medicaid woes have states seeking drastic solutions, as feds struggle to keep program strong for patients."
Modern Healthcare
. February 28.

"Advocates seek sponsor for bill that would keep people on Medicaid longer."
The Hill. February 9.

"Stakeholders draft bill to address Medicaid churning."
Inside Health Reform (sub. req.). February 9.

"Advocates' churning bill needs a friend on the Hill."
Politico. February 10.

"Patients Pay High Price for Medicaid Churning."
Health Affairs. February 14.

"Ariz. Medicaid HMOs See Network, Other Issues if Waiver Is Granted."
Health Reform Week
(sub. req.). February 7. 

"Crushed by Medicaid costs, states expand managed care."
Stateline. February 4. 

"States Interested As Insurers Plug Managed Care As Solution To Medicaid Woes."
Inside Health Reform
(sub. req.). January 14. 


"Net Gain for Safety Net Plans."
Managed Healthcare Executive
. December 2010. Issue features ACAP President Meg Murray.

"States Consider Basic Health Program for Low-Income Coverage Outside Exchanges."
Health Reform Week. November 22, 2010.

"Safety Net Health Plans Working to Transform Primary Care."
Medical Home News. Article by Meg Murray. November 2010.

"GAO report: Medicaid rate setting may not be 'actuarially sound'."
State Health Watch
. November 2010.

"Schwarzenegger Signs Exchanges Bills, Vetoes Limits on Rate Hikes."
Health Reform Week. October 4, 2010.

"New report outlines strategies to improve primary care in Medicaid."
The Hill. August 3, 2010.

"How Health Plans Are Working To Transform Primary Care - ACAP Case Studies Show Innovations To Improve Medical Care."
Medical News Today. August 4, 2010.

"Medicaid plans test ways to transform primary care."
. August 9, 2010.

"California May Vote Soon on Its Exchange, Drawing Keen Interest From Medi-Cal Plans."
Health Reform Week. August 2, 2010.

"Medicaid Cut to the States."
The New York Times. June 15, 2010.

"Health care reform paves way for managed care."
State Health Watch
. June 2010.

"Drug Rebates Mean Immediate Fiscal Relief for Some Medicaid Programs."
State Health Watch. June 2010.

"Medicaid Changes Lift Drug Rebate, May End States’ PBM Carve-outs."
Health Reform Week
. May 31, 2010.

"New Medicaid Drug Rebate Provision Gives Health Plans Formulary, Utilization Control."
Drug Benefit News. April 16, 2010.

"Managed Medicaid Set to Gain New Enrollees and Drug Rebates."
Managed Healthcare Executive. May 2010.

"Medicaid Is a Growth Area, but Problems Loom for Smaller Health Plans."
Medicare Advantage News. February 5, 2010.

"Expanding Medicaid in the Health Bill."
The New York Times. January 17, 2010.

Older Medicaid Managed Care news with quotes by ACAP staff.